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Surgical Division

SURGICAL Division offers a wide range of disposable and reusable instruments in order to satisfy every operator's needs.


Surgical Staplers:

G.I.A. 60-80-100 mm.

T.A.   30-45-60-90 mm. with 3 rows of staples

Curved T.A. with KNIFE

ENDO G.I.A. 30-45-60 mm.

Circular Staplers: 21-23-25-27-31-33 mm.


Disposable Trocars:

transparent dark sleeve, 3 positions insufflation valve, universal seal, bladeless, 5, 5-10 and 5-12 mm. diameter.


HASSON disposable trocar with Balloon.


Titanium clip appliers:

for open surgery, reusable surgical steel appliers that use titanium clips in S-M-L sizes.


DISPOSABLE Bipolar forceps for laparoscopy.


REUSABLE Bipolar forceps for laparoscopy.


DISPOSABLE Bipolar forceps with knife for laparoscopy.